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surface roughness measurement for solar mirrors

Schmitt Europe Ltd, a leader in light scatter measurement technology provided by Schmitt Measurement Systems of the USA, is pleased to announce that our portable surface measurement instrument, the SMS μScan System is being used to test and measure components for a proposed renewable energy, solar power plant in South Africa.

Download this press release Microscan press release (350 KB)

Grinding wheel balancers at UK forged roll manufacturer

SBS Grinding Wheel Balancers from Schmitt Europe Ltd significantly improves productivity and customer satisfaction for a major UK forged roll manufacturer.

Download this press release Microscan press release (350 KB)

low profile grinding wheel balancer head

Schmitt launch Low Profile ‘Pancake’ balancing head

"Schmitt have added another model to its already proven range of external type balance heads. The Low Profile ‘Pancake’ automatic grinding wheel balancing head is specially designed for grinding machines where space is at a premium."

Download this press release Microscan press release (47 KB)

Balancing grinders of forged rolls

Ending chatter in the rollmaking process
using SBS Dynamic Balancers

"... for production of the largest steel castings and forgings in the Western world, specialises in the manufacture of forged work rolls for a variety of heavy engineering applications. The company has been at the forefront of rollmaking technology....."

Download this press release Microscan press release (1 MB)

Hydrokompensor for Grinding Wheel and spindle balancers


"Schmitt Europe is pleased to present a complete electronic upgrade kit for the Hofmann Hydrokompenser HK-4410 and HK-5000 grinding wheel balancer controllers. Schmitt Europe offer service, support and repairs for other Hofmann products such as the SWM2, Microvib, MS-100 and Unibalancer 101/102 portable balancers. Upgrades for Hofmann’s Finibalance and MK-3000-D mechanical type balancers are also available.

Download this press release Hofmann Hydrokompenser balancer upgrade for grinding applications (200 KB)

SRB Machines uses Schmitt Balancers for IMTEX display

SRB Machines choose Schmitt Dynamic Wheel Balancer for IMTEX 2009

SRB Machines will showcase their CAM650 CNC camshaft grinding machine at IMTEX 2009’s event, held at the BIEC Bangalore International Exhibition Centre from 22nd – 28th January. The machine was fitted with an SBS
automatic wheel balancer from Coventry, UK-based Schmitt Europe.

Download this press release Hofmann Hydrokompenser balancer upgrade for grinding applications (400 KB)

Fluid acoustic emission sensors for gap and crash control

Grinding Machine Monitoring Using Fluid AE Sensors

The Fluid AE Sensor is ideal for situations where a direct Acoustic Emission contact is required in the grinding process.

Download this press release Hofmann Hydrokompenser balancer upgrade for grinding applications (236 KB)

AE monitoring for better grinding wheel contol

Grinding Machine Contol using Acoustic Emission Monitoring

The AEMS system allows rapid grinding wheel in-feed right up to the point of initial contact with the part, saving considerable air grinding time (non-cutting time) and therefore reducing overall cycle times.

Download this press release Acoustic Emission monitoring of grinding machine (200 KB)

SB 5500 dynamic grinding wheel balancer controller from Schmitt

Schmitt Europe Launches the New SB-5500 Balancing and Acoustic Emission Controller at GrindTec 2010

The SB-5500 is the latest addition to the world leading SBS line of dynamic grinding wheel balancing and acoustic emission monitoring products. The use of balancing and acoustic emission technologies is critical for machine tool manufacturers and end users, who need to reduce costs by increasing throughput and improving product quality by optimizing the grinding process.

Download this press release NEW SB 5500 from Schmitt Industries (20 KB)

28mm Internal Balancer

Schmitt Europe releases one of the smallest In-Spindle balancers available

As part of their well known SBS (Schmitt Balance Systems) range, and at only 28mm diameter, the internal balance head is designed specifically for applications where space inside the grinding or machining spindle is very limited. Tool and cutter grinders with small spindles cutting using super-abrasive or diamond wheels are one application for this tiny head.

Download this press release 28mm Internal Balancer (500 KB)

DDG Grinding

SBS Acoustic System Cuts Grinding Machine Cycle Time By 14%

SBS AE Acoustic Emission system brings 0.5 second saving on a 3.6 second grind cycle - a 14% reduction during DDG Double Disk Grinding process for rolling element IR (Inner Race) bearing faces.

Download this press release DDG Grinding (500 KB)




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