Acoustic Emission sensor types
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Sensor variations include external / internal types, standard or miniature

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External AE Sensor

In-Spindle AE Sensor

Fluid AE Sensor

Mini AE Sensor

Balance Head AE Sensor



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Schmitt offers a variety of best-in-class Acoustic Emission sensors to control gap and crash in grinding process. Below are descriptions of each type.

External AE Sensor

Schmitt’s standard external acoustic sensor is easily bolted onto the grinding machine using an M6 cap-screw. It is ideal for situations when it can be bolted near to the grinding process such as onto shoe-plates on bearing grinding machines for race grinding or onto a point dresser block for dresser monitoring. The ease of retrofitting with the AE sensor makes it a popular choice for many grinding applications.

AE sensor head External Acoustic Emission sensor installed on a grinding machine

In-spindle AE Sensor

The in-spindle AE sensors are non-contact and come in two formats. These include a telescopic type and spiral-cable type. The telescopic type has a slide tube to facilitate installation and it sits inside a 4mm bore within a grinding machine spindle or rotary diamond dresser unit. This configuration allows the acoustic sensor to spin with the spindle and to be in close proximity to the grinding event, giving a clear uninterrupted signal. The acoustic signal is transmitted over an air gap to a non-contact receiver at the other end of the spindle.

The spiral cable type works on the same non-contact principle but the telescopic slide tube is replaced with a spiral cable.

The in-spindle sensor is useful for OEMs manufacturing internal/ external grinding spindles or rotary diamond dressers. Schmitt are also able to provide mounting kits for end-user applications where a spindle bore is available. Mounting an AE sensor in this way gives a more direct signal and increased sensitivity.

installed ae sensor inside the spindlein spindle acoustic emission sensor

Fluid AE sensor

The Fluid AE sensor is ideal for situations where a direct AE contact is required in the grinding process. This can be situations where machine design or high frequency bearing, mechanical or electromagnetic noise prevent the use of other types of AE sensor. The Fluid AE sensor uses the existing grinding machine coolant which can be water or oil based. A separate feed from the cutting stream is taken from near the coolant filter and is directed at the component or dresser. The noise of the grinding wheel touching the component or dresser is then passed back up the coolant stream into the AE sensor where it is detected within 1 millisecond. The Fluid AE sensor comes with a polyurethane pipe that can be easily plumbed into the grinding machine coolant supply.

Fluid acoustic emission sensors use the coolant fluid installed picture of a fluid AE sensor head

Mini AE Sensor

Miniature acoustic emission sensor for grinding gap crash controlThe Mini AE sensor is useful where space is at a premium, or direct contact with the rotating part of a grinding or dressing spindle is necessary but a spindle bore is not available. It is a non-contact sensor and can be bolted on either end of a spindle using an M6 LH or RH thread. The AE signal is passed from the rotating sensor across an air gap to a non-contact receiver unit. The direct mounting nature of this sensor gives strong uninterrupted signals.

Installation of ae sensor saves space in crowded grinding applications

Balance Head AE Sensor

Schmitt’s AE sensor is also available installed inside an external/ flange type –G balance head, or incorporated into an in-spindle type balance head with –G transmitter unit. This configuration gives more direct contact with the rotating grinding spindle.

AE sensor installed internally in the balance headExample of a grinding wheel balance head with an internally-installed acoustic emission sensor


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