LaserCheck™ Automated Surface Roughness Measurement
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LaserCheck  surface Roughness measurementThe Lasercheck™ Inline surface roughness sensor can be fully automated for high volumes and is capable of 10 surface roughness measurements per second. Examples include through-feed “centreless” grinding machines where 100% part surface roughness measurement is required and sheet metal processing such as 'brushed' stainless on coil-coil operations. Taking inputs from proximity sensors, optical sensors or switches, a reading can be saved every time a part passes the measuring head. Relayed and analogue outputs are included which can trigger alarms or open waste gates when surface roughness is out of tolerance. The Inline system is Microsoft® Windows® CE based and can automatically log data, including part number, date and time for SPC/QA/QC purposes. Data can be logged to pen-drive, or downloaded via USB or Ethernet to a company network. Push button manual mode is also included if required for one-off or batch work. This model can be used with the 6212 measuring head offering surface roughness measurements in the range of 0.0125 to 2.0µm or 0.025 to 2.0µm respectively.

Combining a Lasercheck on grinding machines with an SBS grinding wheel balancer means considerable surface finish improvement and 100% automatic Ra inspection is achievable.

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