LaserCheck™ Automated Surface Roughness Measurement
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Schmitt Measurement Systems (SMS) provides high precision surface roughness, light scatter and reflectance measurement gauges suitable for use on a wide range of materials in both production and laboratory environments.

Our Lasercheck™ range of products are designed to perform high speed, accurate, non-contact measurements of surface roughness on a large variety of manufactured, machined and engineered parts. Lasercheck sensors work on any material including metals, ceramics, glass and rubber and is suited to ground, sanded, polished, honed, super-finished, fine-turned or even shot blasted surface finishes. Designed as a high volume production tool, Lasercheck users typically include engine valve, shock absorber, crankshaft and gudgeon pin manufacturers who require a high quality surface finish for their products. Patented light scatter detection technology provides superior durability, measurement speed (less than 1 second) and repeatability without high maintenance and re-calibration costs. Rugged construction and ease of use offers considerable advantages over traditional profileometers. Combinations of different controllers and surface roughness measurement heads designed to suit the customer application are available.

The SMS Microscan is a microprocessor controlled, portable scatterometer primarily used to measure the surface roughness of highly smooth optical surfaces. From a single measurement, a user can determine surface roughness, reflectance and scattered light level (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function & Bidirectional Scatter Distribution Function) on flat or curved surfaces under any lighting conditions. Applications include mirrors, telescopes, heliostats, semiconductor wafers, precision machined surfaces and rolled or formed surfaces.

Surface measurement product overview
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