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Non-contact profiling using laser technology for digitizing 2D and 3D

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AR200 compact laser measurenent sensor

AR700 laser displacement sensor

AR700 laser distance gauge

AR1000 laser distance sensor

AR3000 distance measurement sensor

AP620 2D profile measurement sensor



laser profile

The AccuProfile™ 620 Profile Measuring Sensor is Acuity’s short-range laser scanner for industrial contour and shape measuring applications. These laser profile scanners quickly and accurately generate 2D profile scans of objects, surfaces or scenes using high-speed digital CMOS detectors and a tuned laser line generator. Individual profiles may be collected to create a 3D point cloud of that object.

The laser profile sensor is the equivalent using 1024 closely-spaced, to measure across a surface. Acuity has several AP620 sensors with varying ranges (Z axis) and Fields of View (X axis). In additon to measuring profiles and shapes, the line sensor is frequently used for measuring dimensions for radius, diameter, height, width, etc.

This profile measuring instrument is fast, sampling upto 250 line scans per second. The profile data is transmitted directly from the sensor head via ethernet to a host computer. No special controller is required to operate the device.

Learn more about the Acuity Profile Measuring Sensor at the Acuity website.


The Acuity laser line scanner with spinning mirror

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