AR700 laser distance gauges in the United Kingdom

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High resolution distance meter with CMOS detector sensitivity

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AR700 laser displacement sensor

AR700 laser distance gauge

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laser distance gauges for the UKSchmitt Europe introduces the Acuity AR700 series of laser distance gauges. This Acuity digital sensor has selectable speeds up to 9400 Hz (when using 3-Byte Binary Data format). A unique Hardware Trigger Mode allows users to initiate sampling via external circuit triggers. This trigger can be used for synchronizing multiple sensors. The maximum speed using the hardware trigger is 4500 Hz.

Optics and digitial detectors have improved greatly over time and Acuity's AR700 laser distance sensor offers a three-fold improvement of resolution over its predecessor AR600 laser displacement sensor. Resolution is the smallest increment of distance that can be detected by the distance gauge. AR700 sensors specify a 0.005% (of the measurement span) resolution for all models in this series. Resolutions are measured on targets of 85% diffuse reflectance (white) and in static conditions.

This newest distance sensor unit is ultra compact because it houses all electronics for measuring. No external controller or amplifier needed. Each sensor includes the sensor head and 6 feet (2 m) of cable. To streamline your integration we offer a Universal Connectivity kit which includes an AC power supply and a serial cable to connect directly to a PC computer

Learn more about laser distance gauges from the Acuity website.


AR700 laser distance gauges overview

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