SB-2000/SB-2000-P Manual Balancing System
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SB-2000/SB-2000-P Manual Balancing System



dedicated computer controller for SBS balancers

The SB-2000 is an easy-to-use, compact manual balancing system offering single or dual plane balancing. The(SB-2000) is a dedicated machine version and there is also a portable version (SB-2000-P)

Five balancing modes are supported, single position, 2 weight, 3 weight, fixed position and cicumferential arc The unit also offers spectrum vibration plotting.


The SB-2000 dedicated install version allows CNC/PLC integration.

The SB-2000-P attaches magnetically to any metallic surface for ease of setup and use.

Features and specification

  • Single or dual plane manual balancing
  • Fixed or portable installation versions
  • Easy to understand language and independent symbol based user interface
  • Five balancing modes (single position, 2 weight, 3 weight, fixed position and circumferential are)
  • Measurement range from 30 to 100,000 RPM
  • Store over 30 balancing profiles and vibration plots
  • All digital design increases operating life and reliability
  • Works with SBS fixed installations and accessories
  • CNC/PLC interface. USB 2.0 connectivity for firmware upgrades and stored data retrieval


  • Vibration Display Repeatability

6000 RPM                             ± 1% @ 5.0μm

300 – 100,000 RPM              ± 2% @ 50:1 signal to noise

  • Vibration Display Accuracy

6000 RPM                             ± 2% @ 5.0μm
300 – 30,000 RPM              ± 4% @ 50:1 signal to noise

  • Auto-Balance Resolution

 0.02 microns displacement @ 6,000 RPM

  • Vibration Filter

 Custom digital filter has bandwidth ± 3% of measurement RPM

  • Certification and Environmental

CE certified
RoHS compliant
Installation category I
IP54, NEMA 12
Environmental temperature range +5˚ to + 55˚C
Humidity 0 to 85% relative humidity
(non-condensing) through temperature range






SB-2000 Manual Balancer for grinding wheel balancers
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